Q. What time do you typically show up to an event?

A. We show up for set up about one hour prior to service time. It takes us about 30 minutes to set up and get rolling. If you need us to come on-site sooner, plans must be made in advance and fees will apply.

Q. What do you need from us for your set up?

A. We come with everything needed for every event, no need to worry about us =). In the event that there is not a 120 volt plug, we have a nice quiet generator for the items that are in need of electricity.

Q. How do you all typically serve?

A. We ONLY serve buffet style. When hired, you will have us for two hours of constant pizza service. The pizza choices you make prior to the event will be made fresh and cooked on site, in a matter of seconds (70 seconds to be exact). Any remaining pizza leftovers will be baked off and left for late night snacks! YUMMY!

Q. What is your setup like?

A. We supply a 6-foot buffet table. The pizzas are displayed on cast iron skillets to keep them warm, each labeled with every ingredient so your guests know exactly what they are eating. 

Q. Do you have any Vegan options?

A. Absolutely! We can customize any pizza for anyone! If you have someone who has any dietary restrictions we ask to let us know ahead of time, so we come prepared.

Q. How big are your pizzas?

A. Our pizzas are typically about 10 inches. For events, they are cut into 8 slices. 

Q. How does your buffet style work for a wedding?

A. Our head person will be in contact with either your event coordinator or DJ the day of the event. We ask that guests are called up by table numbers as to not flood the buffet line. First is the bride and groom, second is family, third comes the bridal party, then each table will be called by number (or however the set up is for the tables). We find this method to be the best, as it gives each guest time to read each label for the selected pizzas. 

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Cancellation or changes to the contract must be made thirty (30) days prior to the event to avoid being fully charged. In the event that the customer needs to cancel the event, here is what to expect:

Between signing contract and 45 days prior to event – Customer owes 25% of contracted price to Vendor.

Between 44 and 30 days prior to event – Customer owes 50% of contracted price to Vendor.

Between 29 days and event date – Customer owes 100% of contracted price to Vendor.

Finance charges will apply to any outstanding invoices fourteen (14) days prior to contracted event date.

COVID-19 has changed everything, and in the event that there is a government shutdown or regulations in place to regulate event sizes, we will work with you to find a new date (based on availability) and apply your deposit to the new date, or to reduce your guest count as much as possible. As a small business, we appreciate your understanding that refunds are non-refundable. See below for our COVID clause.

COVID-19 Clause:

If there is a government shutdown, or restrictions/mandates put in place around event capacity, which are lower than the contracted guest count, on Client Event Date in this contract, that prevent events from being executed as planned, Vendor will work with Client to come up with a mutually agreed upon plan. In the event that the Client chooses to reschedule, Vendor will work with Client to reschedule, based on Vendor availability with mutual agreement. If a new date is agreed upon, the non-refundable deposit will be transferred to the new date at no charge with no penalty. All other terms within the contract will remain the same – deposits are non-refundable. If the Client reduces the final guest count when there are no government event capacity restrictions or mandates in place in the event city or state on the event date, Client is responsible for 75% of the contracted total.